What A Comeback, Doe

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Men's Basketball

It would be very easy to sit here and write about the negatives that were very apparent in today’s game against Boston College, but I’m not going to do that (…yet).

Today was a day for comebacks.  Not only did Virginia Tech have to comeback against Boston College at home to win, but Dorian Finney-Smith also found his game.  Finally.

I’ve been hard on Doe-Doe, I’m aware of that.  Honestly, he needed to get harped on.  His play was pretty awful for a good part of this season, but tonight he found his game and I couldn’t be more happy for him.

Doe-Doe came off the bench today but once he was on the floor he did his thing.  Finney-Smith led the Hokies with 17 points tonight, including the game-winning tip-in with 1.8 seconds left.  Equally important tonight was his effort on the boards.  Doe pulled in eight total rebounds tonight but it’s extremely important to note that seven of those were offensive rebounds.

Second chance points are huge for a team that has struggled to get quality possessions offensively this year. The importance of Doe-Doe bringing in seven more of those tonight can’t be overstated.  He balled out tonight and it was great to see.

And as happy as I am for him, this team still struggled mightily today.  The big thing that needs to be remembered is that while the Hokies won tonight 66-65, they had to come back from as much as 10 points at times and only won the game with less than two seconds left.

The Hokies lost a close one to BC earlier in the year on the road without Erick Green and that was a huge blow.  Winning by one point with Erick Green at home doesn’t bode well for this team.  At this point in the season though, a win is a win.

Also, Virginia Tech was awful defensively tonight.  Boston College shot 57 percent from the field tonight.  Let me repeat that – Boston College shot 57 percent from the field tonight.  They also shot 43 percent from 3-point range.  For a team which prides itself on stingy defense and protecting the 3-pointer, they did a terrible job of it tonight. That has to improve for the next game.

It doesn’t really matter at this point though.  Tech got the win and at this point in the season that’s all we can ask for.  That and free milkshakes, because that is apparently an option now.

Tech moves to 14-11 on the season and 3-7 in ACC play.  Next up, at Florida State on Thursday at 7 PM.


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