Developing Story: Allan Chaney Medically Cleared By PA Doctor

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Men's Basketball

First reported by Gobbler Country, Allan Chaney tweeted today that he has been cleared to play medically by doctors in Philadelphia, PA.

Chaney tweeted this earlier today:

Haven’t been this happy in 2 years!!! Just got the Clearance from Dr. Marchlinski yeaaaaa we back on! it’s #TheComeBack

–Allan Chaney

The doctor that cleared Chaney to play is Dr. Francis Marchlinkski, a cardiologist in Philadelphia, PA.

This might turn out to be much ado about nothing seeing as Virginia Tech is on record saying that they would never clear Chaney to play for Virginia Tech ever again.

At minimum, what this does for Chaney is provide him with another chance at playing major college basketball.  Whether he plays for Virginia Tech or not remains to be seen.

Will Chaney be returning for Virginia Tech? Probably not…

Given that the roster has undergone some major changes, it should be expected that the medical staff will at least give Chaney’s case another examination.  However, for liability reasons, I don’t expect that the Virginia Tech medical staff will end up clearing Chaney for play.

Chaney’s bio reads currently:

Missed summer workouts in 2010 after suffering a medical condition in the spring … Will not be cleared medically to play for the Hokies … Sat out the 2009-10 season after transferring to Virginia Tech from the University of Florida … Suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to practice with the team during the 2009-10 season.

–Hokie Sports

Time will tell if that bio will need to be updated, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it.

Regardless, I hope that this provides Chaney with the opportunity that he deserves – that is – to play major college basketball.  He’s a great kid and I hope that things end up working out for him in the end after such a tough situation.


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